Chemical Peels – your solution to healthy-looking skin you’ll be obsessed with!

At our boutique in the beautiful city of Syracuse, chemical peels are one of our most asked about treatments. Men and women of all ages and demographics care about their skin. Maybe now more than ever, and not only because of the rise in zoom calls and video conferences but also due to more education and research. Healthy skin is a science, and every year there is more and more information about skin health and prevention to optimize a natural and youthful appearance. At Azul Aesthetics & Wellness Boutique we aim to provide top-notch care and attention to our patients in a safe, comfortable environment.

What are Chemical Peels?

During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied to your skin that removes the top layers and when the skin grows back, it is much smoother than before. It is often used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars – usually performed on your face. A chemical peel can be performed at different depths, from light to deep. When you undergo light or medium peels, you may need to undergo the procedure multiple times to achieve your desired results. While deeper chemical peels create more dramatic results, it does take longer to recover from.

Medical science has discovered how to extract hyaluronic acid and use it to restore damaged and aging tissue. Many people who suffer from arthritis will receive hyaluronic acid injections to reduce their discomfort and give them extra joint protection.

Chemical Peels

Who are the Best Candidates for Chemical Peels?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for a Chemical Peel. When you schedule a consultation with us, your skin health will be examined and you will be asked about your targeted aesthetic and desired outcome.

Chemical Peels do work better for lighter-skinned people when compared to those with a darker skin tone.

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What are the Benefits of getting Chemical Peels?

Some of the benefits we at Azul Aesthetics & Wellness have noticed in our patients are treatments for:

Acne Scars
Aging skin
Crow’s Feet
Skin Laxity
Sun-damaged skin

What’s the First Step?

If you are interested in getting a Chemical Peel in Syracuse, we encourage you to contact our boutique and schedule a consultation with our certified and experienced Medical director. Here you will be able to discuss your physical aspirations, learn more about the Chemical Peel procedure, and come up with a plan that is right for you.

What to Expect on the day of getting Chemical Peels?

When you come in for your Chemical Peel, we will clean your face, protect your hair, and cover your eyes (usually with an ointment, gauze, tape, or goggles). Depending on what type of Chemical Peel you are getting, you will have slightly different experiences.

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Chemical Peels Recovery

After your chemical peel of ANY depth, your skin will be red, tight, irritated, or swollen. You will be advised by your doctor on how to care for your skin during your recovery time. These instructions usually require you to use sun protection, clean and moisturize daily and apply protective ointments to your skin. Always avoid picking, rubbing, or scratching your skin. During your recovery time, you will need to soak the treated skin as well as apply ointment several times a day for about two weeks. New skin will begin to develop during that time however you may still experience some redness for a few months. Some of our patients opt to remain at home during their chemical peel recovery. You will most likely need to have a few follow-up visits after your treatment so that we can monitor your healing. After the first two weeks, you will be able to use cosmetics again to conceal any redness.

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Light Chemical Peel

You may request a painkiller before a Light Chemical Peel, however, it isn’t typically needed. We will begin by using a brush, cotton ball, gauze, or sponge to apply the chemical solution to your skin, which will begin to whiten. During this application, you may feel a mild stinging sensation while the chemical solution is on your skin. A neutralizing solution will then be applied to remove the solution from your skin.

Medium Chemical Peel

Our team will begin by giving you a sedative or painkiller to ease any discomfort. Much like the Light Chemical Peel, we will begin by applying the chemical solution using gauze or a cotton-tipped applicator which will cause your skin to whiten. After a few minutes, a cool compress will be applied to soothe the treated skin. You may experience a stinging and burning feeling for up to 20 minutes.

Deep Chemical Peel

OThis is the most vastly different of the three chemical peels. Before your treatment, you will be given something to numb the pain, intravenous (IV) fluids will be inserted into your veins, and your heart rate will be closely monitored. We will then use a cotton-tipped applicator to apply carbolic acid to your skin, which will turn your skin white or sometimes even grey. To limit your exposure to the acid, we’ll likely do the procedure in 15-minute intervals. A full facial procedure may take up to 90 minutes.

Why Choose Us?

At Azul Aesthetics & Wellness Boutique, our goal is to provide all of our patients with a pleasant and rewarding experience from the moment they walk through our doors. Our team is composed of a certified and experienced medical director who strives to create an easily accessible, personal treatment plan and approach every procedure with professionalism and the due diligence that comes from years of training and practice.

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost in Syracuse?

The cost of getting a Chemical Peel in Syracuse, NY will vary depending on the type of peel. The cost of a light peel is $150 per session and a deep peel is $200 per session. The best way to get the most accurate cost will be to schedule a consultation with one of our certified technicians. During your appointment, you will be able to get a further explanation of the procedure and receive a full breakdown of the costs.

Schedule Your Consultation

Our Syracuse chemical peels patients find that the treatment helps provide them with the skin they’ve dreamed of! To schedule your consultation with our highly trained team, contact us today and get started in achieving your desired physical appearance!


  • Are Chemical Peels painful?

    Despite its name, Chemical Peels are not as painful as you would think. Light Chemical Peels have a gentle effect but you may experience some redness, stinging, and crusting. When you move up to Medium and Deep Peels, the after-effects are harsher. You will be provided with topical ointments to use following your procedure which aids in your discomfort and irritation.
  • How long will the results last?

    Although the results can last a long time, due to age and new sun damage, a chemical peel is not permanent.
  • How many sessions will I need to see results?

    Depending on which level of a Chemical Peel you receive, the results will vary. A light chemical peel provides subtle changes but will require repeated treatments for maximum results. A medium chemical peel will give you noticeably smoother skin and may require a few follow-up appointments. A Deep Chemical Peel has the most dramatic improvements in both the look and feel of your skin.


What our clients and patients have to say:

“I am so thrilled with my lips! Dr. Lissa took her time and listened to me. This was my first experience with filler, and I was wanting a very conservative change. This is exactly what we achieved! I am very pleased with the final result and will be back for future visits!”
“Just left Dr. Diaz and was very impressed. Knowledgeable seems to have a great eye and actually talked me out of doing too much. I booked my next appointment for three months from now for my botox and filler. I’m so glad I found her.”
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